Bulgaria: US citizens who were victims of the blast at firing RPGs of polygon Anevo near Sopot

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Bulgaria: US citizens who were victims of the blast at firing RPGs of polygon Anevo near Sopot

Message  Vivre Enrussie le Mar 9 Juin 2015 - 12:38

Explosion in Bulgaria:
One person passed away and four others were severely injured during a blast at the military polygon Anevo, as reported by BGNES.

Mayor of the nearby town of Sopot, Veselin Lichev has stated that the one person passed away is not a Bulgarian resident.

According to preliminary information, a hand grenade has exploded during military training in the region.

Immediately upon the accident, several ambulances arrived, accompanied by Sopot's mayor Lichev and local governor Rozalin Petkov.

The military polygon in Anevo is located near Ignatovo, where several unexpected blasts happened last year.

- See more at: http://www.novinite.com/articles/169062/Blast+Injures+People+Near+Military+Polygon+in+Bulgaria#sthash.mr1jj8cn.dpuf
(nota: the picture for the illustration is typical of "journalist at work"...

Here a translation from an other source:

US citizens who were victims of the blast at firing RPGs of polygon Anevo near Sopot, were hired as subcontractors of the Ministry of Defense reported a "Press" by the US Embassy in Sofia. The blast on Saturday morning an American was killed on the spot and another a fellow Canadian and a US passport were seriously injured. Since the outbreak of the shot for RPG (grenade) hit two Bulgarians.

According to the US embassy three were contractors of the Defense Ministry in Washington."We have no immediate information on the reasons for the incident," said a spokesman for the diplomatic mission. Hence categorically refuse to disclose the names of American citizens, and what they did in Bulgaria.
On Saturday, the district prosecutor of Plovdiv Rumen Popov said that the three foreigners are military and were a polygon Anevo training.
According to one version, which employs investigators Americans have arrived in the country for re-export deal for RPGs fired in the direction of Ukraine, especially in the troubled areas of Donbass.

Experts recalled that in principle the old ammunition are exported to countries where have the necessary arms and people there are trained to handle it.VMZ produced in ever RPG ammunition are exported mainly to areas with local military conflicts, according to renowned experts in this business venture. According to another version the old munitions were destined for Iraq.The company brought the Americans here, "Algans" has a license to trade in arms and for years participated in tenders of our Ministry of Defense for old ammunition, said experts from the industry.Vitsekonsulat yesterday by the US Embassy in Bulgaria Deborah Dillard visit their wounded compatriots in the University Hospital "St. George "in Plovdiv.
The visit was announced as private and media were kept away from the diplomat.She was not admitted to the ICU, where the severely injured American whose condition remains critical, but there is still a chance for his life. 38-year-old patient with amputated wrist right hand, and made his operation because of severe fracture of the skull in the frontal area.Dillard Vitsekonsulat she met accomodated in the same hospital with American Canadian passport. It is operated tendon and his general condition is good.Stable is the condition of the two Bulgarians injured in the blast. One of them is 29 years old and has wounds on his arms and chest. The other is 25-year-old and was operated because of broken leg artery.
There are also numerous wounds on the legs.According to unofficial information the US authorities have also started an investigation into Saturday's incident. At this stage it is known only that the three Americans were in a contractual relationship with the company "Algans" which had a contract with VMZ-Sopot to use the testing ground in Anevo. According to the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Plovdiv no evidence that they were arms dealers. They used the polygon to be trained how to handle a rocket launcher and grenades to test themselves.

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