"People's diplomat from the US: Crimea luck with the return to the Russian Federation

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"People's diplomat from the US: Crimea luck with the return to the Russian Federation

Message  Vivre Enrussie le Mar 9 Juin 2015 - 22:39

"People's diplomat from the US: Crimea luck with the return to the Russian Federation

Olga Arachina." Folk diplomat from United States Charles Haberl believes that Crimea is properly reunited with Russia And Crimeans are very lucky.

Crimea And Sevastopol became the Russian regions after held there in March 2014 referendum in which an overwhelming number of residents were in favour of joining the Russian Federation. In the capital of Russia notice that the referendum in Crimea complies with international law And the UN Charter. Kiev, despite the outcome of the referendum, still considers Crimea its territory.

"because I'm military, my choice was to go to Ukraine. I wished to see with my own eyes (what is the situation there), because in the media, unfortunately, I have not read what is really happening there. If in my day, when I was young, the media is more or less correct data, but today it's all gossip. I'll be honest: very interesting was a trip to the Crimea, what I saw there! And I now believe more of Russian media, the Russian version. I also think that the Crimea was reunited with Russia. Residents of Crimea are very happy for that, " said Haberl at a press conference on Tuesday.

He added that Crimea because of this very fortunate." I can honestly Say that They (the respondents) very lucky that it was So. Focusing on the conditions in the Crimea. Currently in Ukraine just a nightmare. And in Crimea, of course, a more stable situation than in Ukraine ", - noticed the " people's diplomat.

As stated, "national employees of the foreign Ministry" the United States came to the Russian Federation of 31 may And began its journey from the capital of Russia. The delegation then went to Volgograd, Then to Ekaterinburg. Also the Americans are planning to visit St. Petersburg. In the Russian Federation "national employees of the foreign Ministry" meeting with the businessmen, attend production, communicate with media professionals.

Only delegations 23 " folk diplomats from fifteen States of the USA. They arrived to the Russian Federation, to understand How Russians think about the war in Ukraine And to make it into a video, which will then be posted on YouTube.

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