"En Russie, l'intérêt pour le réchauffement climatique est proche de zéro" - Lisa Alissova

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"En Russie, l'intérêt pour le réchauffement climatique est proche de zéro" - Lisa Alissova

Message  Vivre Enrussie le Lun 7 Déc 2009 - 16:38

07/12 - http://www.lexpress.fr/actualite/environnement/en-russie-l-interet-pour-le-rechauffement-climatique-est-proche-de-zero_834113.html

Pas la peine de s'occuper de questions écologiques secondaires. Nous sommes pauvres et ce qui est important pour nous c'est de vendre du pétrole, du gaz et de gagner de l'argent. Une fois riche nous nous occuperons d'écologie". C'est une conséquence de la propagande de Vladimir Poutine.

le 03/12 dans la conference Questions/Reponses

-Vladimir Putin: Thank you for your question, Alexander. I feel you take the affairs of your plant to heart, especially when you speak about the quality of your products, which is higher than in imported items.

I must say that I have been to Magnitka repeatedly and have seen how the plant is developing with my own eyes. I have some positive words to say to the management and shareholders. Mr Rashnikov is a good manager and not only because the company is developing and new technologies are being introduced, but also because a lot is being done to care for the people and to look after the environment. You know better than I do what winters used to be like in Magnitogorsk. Everything was black, including snow.
Today, the situation is radically different. Perhaps, not all problems have been solved, but emissions to the atmosphere have changed cardinally and for the better. You are also adopting new technologies and opening new production setups.

I would urge everyone to pay more attention to problems in the animal world and the environment.

In addition, coal-fuelled power plants are modernising their equipment, which is becoming more environmentally friendly and efficient. And this offers new vistas for the coal industry.

I have already mentioned the Sochi 2014 Olympics. In conjunction with environmental organizations, we are doing everything possible to make sure that the government resources are used not only to avoid any damage to the environment, but also to improve it. I have already mentioned the construction of treatment facilities, for example.

These are challenging plans, and they also concern the Boguchany hydroelectric power plant located nearby, in Siberia.

By the way, these plans would have been implemented by now had we acted in the same way we did in previous decades. But we now pay more attention to environmental protection, studying the problem of forests [that could be flooded by new plants], completing archaeological projects, and the like. Anyway, we will fulfil the plans we have for this power plant.
I repeat that this is a challenging goal, but I am confident that we will attain it.

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